First semester jury

My first semester jury was a good experience. Initially the idea that it was called a jury did seemed a little absurd. Somehow the thought  that it was going to be like a court house jury where I had to make a point and defend it. As expected it was more or less like that.

The issue I has ahead of me was my first semster jury. To start with I looked at the whole jury episode as a concern and that I had to somehow address this concern. Metaphors are always helpful when it comes to interpreting certain concerns. I chose a metaphor for how my learning’s in the first semester were and I ended up finding it similar to taking a bath in ice cold water.

Initially there is a lot of Hesitation to touch this water. One is unaware as to how the body is going to  react to an external force. Once a single mug of water is picked up, Fear crawls in. now it seems as if this water could melt the person completely. Somehow with certain will one does pour a mug of water over their head. Once this starts, it cannot stop. This is where it gets exciting. It almost feels as if one is playing with the water now, having fun .Fear is  long gone and has now manifested into Fun.  One is having so much fun that this act of cleansing one is now secondary. Once cleansed, the person is well established in this “institution” so much so that it has changed the person completely.

Design education is very similar to taking bath in ice cold water. Initially jumping to Elements of Design ( the first course) seemed very absurd. And I hesitated every time  my professor spoke at lengths about depth and balance, harmony in chaos and vice versa. As this course went on, I did get a little scared. I dint understand a thing and this got me a little worried. The harder thing was my inability to beable to explain what I learnt to anyone else. Not even to my near ones. Somehow after a couple of trials, just like the first mug of water I could not stop doing what I was doing. Excitement stepped in and cleansed me completely. I can now say that I am well established in this “institution” of Design and can

explain it well to anyone who has had his or her start with it.

Starting for second semester at NID, I have decided to write on a regular basis. I want to try and capture all the ideas and thoughts and put it up here. Hope that works fine.


One Response to First semester jury

  1. planemad says:

    interesting viewpoint, but wouldnt making the water lukewarm before the bath make it more enjoyable?

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