World Usability Day 2009

Now that was the first actual conference I attended. The topic this year was “Designing for a Sustainable World”.

At the end of the conference there was a competition where each team had to come up with a sustainable idea for one of the following topics. Sustainability of Lifestyles, Sustainability at Home and Sustainability at Work. We were given 20 mins to ideate and come up with concepts. The three best concepts would be felicitated.

My team( Angeline,Kanchana and I ) chose to ideate on Sustainability at work and came up with a concept initiative which would deal with 3 concepts.

  1. Integrating Landscaping with actual Cultivation
  2. Eat your food and feed a plant rite after
  3. Gain veg points which can be exchanged with food coupons
  4. Eat judiciously, the food you are eating may have been cultivated by your neighbor.

Our concept was well appreciated ( well, we won!)  and we were asked to further explain how we would convince the management to adopt this ideology.

additional pictures

As we Discuss

Sketching the system

The presentation


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