Complicating Simple Designs

The other day, on my way back home I couldn’t help but eavesdrop to  this drama that was unfolding rite above the elevator door. A family of 4. I could “see” was in a tight situation. The  cause of this situation as usual was their Son. The situation was a little difficult to comprehend considering the family dint seem to be speaking to each other, only the son was full of questions and had no one to answer. Frustrated to such an extent that drawing a question mark on his head would seem just right.

Questioning the nature of a “complication” could be useful in this scenario. A complication is that which could have been explained in a simple way but having been trained to always elaborate things to such great lengths that one has lost his or her audience in the 10th second can result into a complication.

Avoiding any further complication

Complicated fact  =  simple fact + unnecessary details.

Signs and symbols are necessary to explain complex data in a simple way. Looking at a service used on a daily basis, a simple elevator as such does not need an elaborate signage. Moreover if the argument led to  what if a person does not know this is the elevator, maybe explaining to  him what an elevator was, would make more sense. Moreover let’s preserve a  strong heart. The signage here is a little confusing for the simple reason it forces me to look at it for more than a few seconds, and if that was ok, it even generates questions and certain emotions which could have been avoided .

Coming back to the situation this family had found itself in, the young son ( not the daughter, she seems to be obedient) does have a question in his head. Maybe a “why am I here?” “I want to be with my friends a little longer .” there could be a lot of these daily situations which can be associated with what has been portrayed here.

Looking at this sign, what was the maker of this signage thinking when he made this ? Did he have a son who asked too many questions ? Or was his son asking these questions re when he was designing it ? If this became the universal sign for an elevator, does the fact that boys ask to many question also attain universal status ? Why do young boys ask questions ? The questions are endless.

If a simple sign that guides a person to an elevator can result into this blog post, it sure is a complicated one.


2 Responses to Complicating Simple Designs

  1. Ravishankar says:

    Shankar, that was hilarious and insightful. I fully agree with your questioning and idea of touching upon the universality of design, we should talk more about it on chai. Keep eavsdroping,…for good design!!

  2. Sajan says:

    Was a good one …:)

    Humans as we today, seem to have become extremely complicated creatures with an exemplary (mis)understanding of the situations around them. A question leads to another and the vicious circle continues……and that defines the psyche of today.

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