Video Prototyping Workshop

The video prototyping workshop was conducted at the NID R n’ D campus for a week.  The workshop was conducted by  Deepak Pakhare, Anshuman Kumar & Uday Shankar from Yahoo! Bangalore.

Taking the concept of Edible Landscaping which was well appreciated at the World Usability Day workshop, we decided to createa video scenario which depicts the happenings at a work place, if in the event a corporate were to adopt the concept of VegPoints.

The concept of an “edible landscape” deals with the fact that corporate spend a lot of money on exotic plants which only serve an aesthetic purpose as part of their landscaping projects. By converting, rather integrating the concept of aesthetics and vegetation emerges the concept of an “edible landscape”. After all who would not like to see fresh tomatoes or any other vegetables growing around them. Moreover this concept also takes into consideration a change at a behavioral level among the employees where it becomes every employees responsibility to “feed” a plant. hence the moto EAT.WALK.FEED. Overall it was an attempt at creating a sustainable environment at work. This scheme if implemented could fetch the organization certain tax benefits and also savings as their dependence on certain crops will be mineralized. We have tried and captured these concepts via a short stop motion film.


3 Responses to Video Prototyping Workshop

  1. etnik says:

    I do enjoy reading your blog. Especially the posts on the workshops you attend and stuff you guys do.
    Keep at it.
    ~ Cheers.

    • notnarayanshankar says:

      Thanks a lot etnik ( hoping thats not your real name ) !
      do give me a link so I could read stuff you write or post.

      • etnik says:

        Hey dude,

        My blog is & I’m a friend / ex-colleague of your classmate Jonathan.


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