As the dog barked…

It was a normal day. Nothing had really changed. The bookshelf was at the same place as it always sat catching dust. The gods, as we were forced to call them, sat where they were made to. Over the years, we had assigned ourselves certain places and we ended up sitting at the same desired place. Nothing had changed. The songs that played in that room belonged to the same set that was played everyday.

But there was something different about this evening. There was this eerie sense in the air, a strange smell, a strong perfume that none of us could comprehend. The perfume was strong enough to cloud one’s thoughts and make “its” absence felt.

Apart from the songs that played, there was another sound that kept echoing in the back. There was this dog which kept on barking. As a kid I remember being told, maybe by popular belief, that if the dog barked this way, someone was to die.

could  it be that I was the only one who sensed that perfume ?


2 Responses to As the dog barked…

  1. Sajan says:

    The sense of intuition is so convincing yet so hard to believe……..

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