Univers Revolved : A solution

Universal design, is a good challenge. One well worth the effort. Universal philosophy argues that if a particular design is acceptable to all, whether he is physically handicapped, blind or hard of hearing, this product, if it appeals to him is a universal design. Don Norman, in his book emotional design explains the fact that there is no excuse not to design  usable products that everyone can use.

Art has a very funny way of looking at you. Somehow most of the art pieces I have encountered seem like they could solve some problem. Sometime ago I happened to see the “Univers Revolved” and a problem that was lingering in my mind was finally solved.

Why must a person be branded as being visually challenged. Is it only because of a majority of us can see? What if we found ourselves on a planet where most of the people were blind and things were designed by them ? Then who would be the challenged one ?

This is a problem at the universal design level.

Communication barriers if broken between a visually challenged person and an able person would be  a good communication design. The solution to bridge this gap could be found in Univers Revolved.

Every alphabet in latin has a specific form. This form we see it is on a 2D plane. Univers Revolved takes this to a 3D plane. The resulting shapes look like this :-

When a challenged person encounters this shape he would have to be initially be told that it is a particular alphabet. The same way one learns alphabets, whether in braile or by writing it on a piece of paper. The concept of an alphabet is known to the blind through the brail system. A blind man’s sense of touch is marvelous. Using this sense of touch and which the knowledge that the blind man has of alphabets he will learn the forms of these alphabets. On the other hand the able man can see these forms and capture them to be a particular alphabet just by mentally revolving them back to its original form.

Thereby there is a common means of communication between the blind and the able. Design at this level can forever eradicate the concept of a visually challenged person.


One Response to Univers Revolved : A solution

  1. Mathias says:

    Actually, it is a logic alphabeat – cool 😀

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