Art = seduction

This debate will never end. Second day into NID we newbie’s had started  calling Art names and somehow the debate circled around the fact that art had no purpose and that design does. Any composition (thats one common term artists and designers agree upon) if had a purpose and if was designed for that purpose was a design. And art on the other side was made as an expressing, most of the times fueled by emotions (not thoughts).Design on the other hand is directly equated to purpose.

To start with we were convinced about what art was and what design was.Art was bad and design was good.As far as our intellects allowed us were happy with this argument and stopped at this.

Over the last few months I have started developing a difference of opinion with respect to what art is and why it needs to be handled in a different way. Whether it’s the right judgment or wrong is something Art does not cater to.There is nothing that is wrong and nothing that’s right. That’s art. Its an expression which is either accepted and comprehended by the masses or not. The funny thing about art is that if a particular piece is incomprehensible it has greater value. Its almost as if this piece will, as time ages, speak it self out to the viewer.

Art could be a product of the artists emotions but, not entirely. It creates emotions in the viewer. And only a good design (according to us ) could do that.

As of now, I believe I am standing on that thin line between art and design finding it difficult to decide which perimeter to stumble into. Design is tugging my arm talking to me about purpose and large scale use. Art on the other hand is a very seductive goddess. It just sits there and stares at me.

That’s the power of art. Seduction.

Further Thoughts:
An artist was first a designer and then expressed himself using the designs he came up with. For e.g.. Cave paintings did expect the man to make paint. Now man first designed paint and that’s a good design. Over the years, rabbit hair and horse hair was used as brushes. These were all products that were made for a particular purpose. The purpose was to drive art, express oneself. A canvas is a good design.


5 Responses to Art = seduction

  1. Sajan says:

    I would surely agree with you in some ways. Art is a mode of expression of the artist. His emotions and his feelings play in it . And surely, it does generate a perception in the viewer , swaying his emotions as well.

    I view art as something as a creation of the artists emotions, which in turn arises from his perception of his own needs.In an another way, it can be called his “purpose”. He generates his creativity to express his emotions. He designs in his own ways( writing , painting, sketching, whatever….. ) but he carefully spins it, “designs” it.

    Again, I believe designers , also, have a purpose , to find a solution to a problem. Now the purpose can be a perception, since one man’s problem can be a boon for another. As such, the designer again is expressing himself through his creativity, to find ( or design ) a solution to a perception ….

    So, don’t you think that both are standing on somewhat similar grounds …

    What say ???

  2. Angeline says:

    I remember that very day, and specifically this debate about art and design. Isn’t an artist a designer in the sense that he has designed his piece to express that very thing that he senses to resonate with you, when you see/hear/experience it. Did he put together elements, place them so that makes you look at it the way that he wants you to? In this sense, are you, as viewer not the consumer of his ‘design’?

    Then again, it is also possible that an artist might not really care if his expression means anything to you. He wants to express and that’s what he does.

    A designer also puts in expressions of himself when he solves a problem. The way one designer solves a problem need not be how another does. In that sense, is it not art?

    I read recently a book(Beautiful Thing: An Introduction to Design that talks about design, art and technology. and how they are closely connected, they need each other to exist and you can’t put your finger on where one ends and the other begins. Though roughly, you could define a very broad spectrum with art (as only expression and nothing else) at one end, and Technology ( which only solves a technical problem) at another. And design, somewhere in the middle, trying to solve a problem creatively.

    And why do we need those lines to be so clear? Personally, I like this ambiguity!

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  4. Richie says:

    “Art is like masturbation : It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone.

    Design is like sex : There is someone else involved, their needs are just as important as your own, and if everything goes right, both parties are happy in the end.”

    –Colin Wright

    That pretty much sums it up, isn’t it? 🙂

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