Photography – Drawing with Light

The photography module was conducted by Dr. Akash Rose, Carol D’ Souza and Mansi at NICC Bangalore.

Cold fire
Standing alone
On the Job
On the Job
The Breakup
The Breakup

How often have we been in a similar situation.

We are in the middle of one of these situations. It could be a smelly cat yawning, a kid smiling, a ant carrying something that one thought it couldn’t possibly carry, this look on your face while you are reading this piece of text etc.

In every one of these situations one wished he had some capturing medium. At least I did.

What makes that scene so worthwhile that one wants to capture it and not rely on memory to experience what he or she experienced at that moment forever.

The answer to this question would lie in questioning the nature of an experience which, I have only now dwelled into while writing this post. How Can I make that scene memorable in such a way that I not only capture the elements of that scene, but also the environment ( the feel, the smell, all those small nuances that make the scene) is what the art of photography is all about.

To start with, What is a photograph ?

The word “Photograph” is a combination of two greek words.

“Phos” and “graphe”. “Phos” means Light” while “graphe” means to draw or to paint.

A painting made with light is a photograph. Unlike traditional painting where hues are used to depict a scene a photograph consists of the actual light bounced of by the scene captured onto a medium.

And this art of painting with light is called photography. Photography in its true sense is Information design.  A person in one of the situations mentioned above may not know what the art of composition is. But when he looks through the viewfinder of a camera( the brush in this case bundled with all the knowledge of aperture, shutter speed and ISO), he knows what the final photograph is going to look like.  And that photo would be a projection of his personality. He or she has unknowingly designed information through this photograph. Having understood this, I started catching myself looking at what of a particular object my eye went to first. Looking at the scene the way my eye say it first. Somewhere doing this I was able to reflect my personality in the image I captured.


some more pictures


One Response to Photography – Drawing with Light

  1. Debasmita says:

    Some of the information about photography is appreciable. But I think calling photography always an information design is not justified. Photos always do not convey accurate information and information design is supposed to convey the actual information. Camera is eye and eye is view. So photographs are biased. After all “All photos lie”.

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