If Beethoven was a Graphic Designer. Revisited.

The lat time I posted this, I was not sure, rather had not captured my thoughts that resulted in this composition. I don’t think I have done justice to it yet but its an attempt. As fas as this composition is concerned,I have come to realize that it was to a certain extent instinctive but i have been trying to find answers in reasoning. Ironic.

While I was listening to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven , I caught myself visualising ( or present in ) a particular event. I seemed as if two entities, the moon on one side and a person on the other were having a dialogue. It was the moon that spoke while the person was only at the recieving end. As the sonata progresses it seems that the moon finds it difficult to believe that the person is not responding to his nudges but this does not stop the moon from doing what it had started doing.

The moon as we know it is only because of the light it borrows from the sun. If light is the voice of these entities, moon as such does not have its own. But, maybe the moon does have a voice, something we are unable to hear at this moment. And it seems likely that if in terms of human context the moon had a voice, a language it could be hindi ( via devanagri) considering the poetic rhyme, hindi comes bundled in. This was the thought that resulted in this composition.


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