Nature of the Mind : A Revelation

This piece of knowledge may be familiar to many, but to me it comes as a revelation .

The mind craves for Familiarity. To start with its important at this moment to understand the nature of the mind and why it behaves the way it does.

The mind is nothing but the index of all the images, sounds, smells and other stimuli ( which we categorize and call it knowledge) that we find ourselves stuck in. Every time we see an object, two things happen. One, it’s a familiar object and one is able to identify  It. The name associated with it also If as a kid I saw a cow and was told that it’s a goat, all through out my life, every time I see a cow I would identify it as a goat. Two, we are not familiar with the object and thus call it various names. That’s when something looks ” like” something seeps in. it is in this “like” that the nature of the mind exists. It craves for familiarity. The mind to a certain extent cannot stand a unfamiliar form.The moment the eyes have captured an image, the nose smell, the ears a piece of sound “the index” is searched for familiar looking patterns or forms. Once this form is recognized, knowledge is born. Such is the nature of the mind.

A great philosopher once said “ignorance is Bliss”. All my life I was under the impression that this quote was only for the lazy ones who did not care much about learning and questioning until I found myself being ignorant to the inner meaning of this beautiful quote.

Ignorance in its truest sense is the state of the mind where this index ( the mind) has shut shop. No further knowledge can be added, nor can existing knowledge be accessed. The only thing that can be experienced at this time is the state of pure consciousness – the higher order.

more to come…


8 Responses to Nature of the Mind : A Revelation

  1. hemang says:

    Mind also craves unfamiliarity.. once the need for familiarity has been satisfied. Almost like yin and yang we oscillate between the two.

    But, i am looking forward to seeing where u go with this ..

    • notnarayanshankar says:

      Thanks a lot for starting this conversation Hemang.I wish I could do the same with all my posts,Discuss.

      The nature of the mind is to create pattens out of things that in reality dont exist. Somehow it seems to us that its a very intelligent thing to do. We look at clouds and see all types of forms in it. One may see an elephant another a rabbit. To look at it from the source, for the cloud its nothing but a cloud. It is our minds, bundled with past information that makes us believe these patterns exist. Ignorance towards this knowledge of pattern making puts one in such a place where he or she only sees the cloud not the elephant.

      do share your views.

  2. Outre Me says:

    Lovely, Makes sense.

    god i love The Matrix! 🙂

  3. notnarayanshankar says:

    @ Outre Me. Thanks a lot for the comment.

  4. gunjan says:

    did you know that the eskimos had some 32 names for snow..

    Knowledge is something which makes you grow in terms of recognizing and knowing objects , phenomenon and relationships.Although it does compartmentalize things but then thats how the chaos goes towards order and then order goes towards chaos.
    We keep creating and arranging everyday because we discover new things and invent some.. But we need to create a log and liken one thing to another to place it in a category which already exists or create a new one… The ‘tabula rasa’ , remember ?

    • notnarayanshankar says:

      Finally a Discussion. 🙂

      Ok, lets look at an hypothetical situation. you wake up one morning and look at the things around you. you cant identify anything. The chair you are looking at is not familiar anymore. The concept of time does not exist, coffee, not even that. you have no idea what you are doing there. You don’t even have the idea that an idea exists or could exist. How would one react in such a situation ? everything is new, the world is fresh. To a certain extent this is what goes in a Kids mind every time he/she wakes up. Bliss can be seen on a kids face every time the kid picks up something new.

  5. gunjan says:

    Right and so.. when you grow up life becomes a little saturated when you don’t find new stuff around or you just become too caught up in your own rat races to notice or make or discover new stuff except in text books and that also is the constructed truth or acquired distorted information at times.

    But what if we all suffered from a very short term memory, probably like the movie ’50 first dates’?

    Think of doing it everyday, think of learning that the woman with the big bindi is the your mom( knowing woman and then bindi and the mom.. three new things!)
    and so on for everything with which you deal ona daily basis.. and doing it everyday..
    I would say that we should not let knowledge bog us down.. Unlearning is important. Nothing is permanent and it shouldn’t be the same in our mind. Objects, our views and our relationships, our emotions.. everything should evolve.. Knowledge shouldn’t be a cumulative process only but more so a dynamic , growing phenomenon.. what say?

  6. I think as a designer, and as a person in general, I think it’s good to understand people’s patterns as well as your own. It helps you connect and design better.

    Certainly, unlearning is important as well. As the zen saying goes, ‘you must empty your cup before you can fill it’.

    I find myself quite enjoying experiences where the index is shut off (at least partially). Some paintings seem to have that effect on me. It’s a wonderful experience 🙂

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