A Digital Solution…


12 Responses to A Digital Solution…

  1. gunjan says:

    can you explain? i don’t get the second visual..:(

  2. Sajan says:

    I did not get the second visual as well !!

  3. heya basu says:

    how does the flowing led solve the problem???

  4. Jonathan says:

    My opinion,

    Not all products need to serve any particular purpose. They might be designed to create or effect a persons experience. The same way art does.

    Not all products are designed for the same purpose. There are different ways of looking at problems and different designers will have different solutions because that’s what they think is best.

    Just because a product doesn’t solve what you consider is a problem is not reason to ridicule it.

  5. notnarayanshankar says:

    @gunjan @sajan

    The above two visuals are a product of two projects we did in college. Please check the following videos

  6. notnarayanshankar says:

    and this

  7. gaurang says:

    ..Very well said jonathan …
    First of all the author of this blog has compared two different aspects all together . Food with some thing digital .When TV was introduced to society .It was never designed to solve any kind of food crisis .In the same way pen was never designed to eat … in the case of digital solution i think the team has put the effort to play with light as a source of information .Today every one is using pen drive for data transfer .What if something like this can over take pen drive one day for data transfer .It will solve the problem of plugging and ejecting of pen drive . people in the world do experiment with different things so that we together can make this society as a better place to live .We just need to start looking the things in a different perspective.

    • notnarayanshankar says:

      To start with, the author has not compared two equally bizzare things but has tried -and as it shows his attempt of explaining what he thought remains only a trial-to understand the nature of a priority.
      Brilliance is not necessary for one to be able to appreciate art, a good design or just the smell of fresh cow dung. It is the same brilliance(which we all possess) that allows one to think beyond the
      possibilities set by an omnipresent group around us. What one does with this brilliance is the question the author tried to understand here. Does he believe transfering data from a pen drive while giving
      the user a better “digital” experience is more important than finding ways and means to help solve the food crisis. Its priority that the author wishes to put forward.

  8. Poley Baba says:

    Whatever! Gave me a good laugh 😀

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