In a feat like never before, pickitup.com helps grandma find a fallen safety pin. “I was only trying to fix my blouse when the safety pin fell off my weak, injured by repetitive stress hands”. States grandmom.

“I quickly picked up my 3G cell phone with video conferencing and a 7.2MP camera to place a video call to my son”. Indeed technology has helped grandmom. “My son who is suffering from splinternet syndrome asked me to pickitup. And im glad he did so!” states grandmom.

When asked if the index search used by pickitup.com worked well for grandmom she was prompted to search for the same, quickly identifying “index” and “search” as the key words. Pickituping safety pin and how to pick up took me to a website which taught me how other people with splinternet syndrome across the world have also faced the same problem.

“One of the users even asked me to ask my grandson of ten to pick up the pin and give it to me, but little does that user know that my grandson has only got up twice in the last two weeks. He is at level 14 on the world of whatcraft”  grandmom states very proudly.

After visiting  a blog called “magnets and more” grandmom explained that she learnt that the Bossy speakers next to her monitor had magnets. On reading another blog called simple home remedies, grand mom crashed one of the speakers on the floor right where the pin fell and carefully pulled the other end of the wire to finally be reunited with the safety pin.

“I will update this on my blog so no one else has to go through the same ordeal” says grandmom.

Who said technology is not changing the world. “We are on the verge of starting an application which will help people solve similar daily problems using solutions on the splinternet says the imaginator of the multi million dollar firmpickitup.com. At pickitup.com its our constant endeavour to help solve problems.

There is no doubt that we have finally entered the world where the splinternet will finally be useful to all. The world will be a better place if everyone uses the splinternet the imaginator says. “I would love to elaborate more on the benefits of being a pickituper but I just dropped my mouse !” says grandmom.


7 Responses to pickitup

  1. gunjan says:

    ha ha!! this is damn good!!:) splinternet syndrome!

    • notnarayanshankar says:

      my ideas about whether it is necessary to address every solution with a product is still nascent but, as always a discussion would help.

      @gunjan where is Hemang ?

      • gunjan says:

        Shankar.. Hemang lives some 10000 kms away from me.. How am i supposed to know?

        ( I have heard this question since class 12! he hasn’t given me his GPS tracking device as yet..:P)

  2. gunjan says:

    Does this mean that instead of following simple options which are not visible to us anymore.. we are inching towards a push button which is not simplifying but complicating stuff?

    • justin says:

      you hate the path humans took to get whr they are…cuz you cant hate whr we are, its human nature, it is…so you look around and hate the path we took or are taking…why?…for satisfaction?…for ur own peace? FYI my first ever comment to any blogg 🙂

    • notnarayanshankar says:

      I happened to meet a senior from NID (’84 batch) and he mentioned something truly amazing,

      “every solution need not be a product.”
      maybe this is the reason why we have so many products these days each trying to solve some problem or the other which again the maker of the product (and the problem in most cases)thought was important.Also with a new product in the market,new problems arise.

      • gunjan says:

        every solution need not be a product.. it can be a method, an experience redefined. It need not be tangible .. it can be more at an emotional level! vague thoughts!

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