I’m Still Smiling…

Still smiling

Still smiling...

The Yellow smiley ball. We have all seen, every kid has played with one, it has  helped a few people relieve stress at various times in their personal and professional lives, and its not difficult to believe  this small toy has the magical power to bring a smile to anyone and everyone’s face. What an invention.

But, apart from all this, somehow this almost omnipresent smiley ball taught me something. Throw it around, tear it, squeeze it do what ever you want, it still continues to smile.

In this case a monkey found this smiley ball the best companion to vent its frustration. And this is what remains of the faithful ball I purchased a while ago.


One Response to I’m Still Smiling…

  1. notnarayanshankar says:

    A lovely post about the maker of the yellow smiley ball


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