If its possible, Its not New !

As much as this would sound as a cliché, no one could have guessed the existence( and need) of a Computer ( PC) looking at a transistor way back then, and I’m sure there would have been someone who asked then if changing the way we look at things today is necessary, why not let things work the way they are cause they seem to work well.

I believe I got caught up in the whole mess of going to a departmental store and getting bogged down by the number of shampoo brands available ( not that the hair on my head need that level of Indulgence, Shampoo ?).

What I failed to understand is the bigger picture. Having multiple brands is not the problem. Serving an audience that is heterogeneous was the problem. Organizations all around the world look at problems in different ways  and solutions are equally different. And competition is also a reason why a certain brand of chocolate tastes better than the other. Imagine a world where there was only one brand of chocolate. That in my opinion would be a little boring. Hence Contradictory to my previous post, and till I realize something else, Revolutionary design is necessary. Its good and not really an indulgence. Its what improves the way we live.


8 Responses to If its possible, Its not New !

  1. Gaurang says:

    I like your sketch better than your explanation .

  2. Angie says:

    I suppose indulging one’s curiosity and indulging oneself aren’t the same thing. I just finished reading this well articulated post by Don Norman –

    ‘Major innovation comes from technologists who have little understanding of all this research stuff: they invent because they are inventors. They create for the same reason that people climb mountains: to demonstrate that they can do so. Most of these inventions fail, but the ones that succeed change our lives.’


    Indulgence or not, at some point the brilliant idea meets needs or enriches life, and that is successful revolutionary innovation.

  3. manoj says:

    nice..there is a balance between evolutionary and revolutionary design. in the design ecosystem

  4. A> I don’t see a relation between the heading of your post and the body+content of the post, honestly.
    B> There’s a copy (spelling) error in the last line of the first paragraph.
    C> Have you any idea what revolutionary design is? Have you discussed it elaborately enough to be able to conclude anything on it? Discussing chocolates, their tastes and their popularity is in no way connected to whatever you’re trying to say here.
    That’s my piece of mind.
    What do you say? 🙂

  5. Oops! dint see that post. reading now…

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