Form, Space and Pockets!

As a kid I loved stuffing my pockets with anything and everything I found around me. It could be while walking on the streets or while riding my bicycle over terrains, my eyes were always fixed to the ground. There have been times when I got late to school or tuitions cause I found this shiny piece of rock and spent some time looking at the world through it.  At various occasions I have found things that finally landed in my pocket sometimes tearing it and sometimes leaking in my pocket thus  spoiling my pant completely. My mom got mad at me for she believed that it was a bad habit to put my hands in my pockets. One of my jackets had pockets but my grand mom stitched it shut.  I still ask why ?

Pockets are amazing. I love pockets. The time when I got as tall as my granddad and all his old pants started fitting me, I found the concept of a “choor pocket” (thief pocket – a small pocket, not to be confused with the key pocket found in most jeans.) This pocket was stitched closer to the groin and allowed a person very limited space to keep anything. It was more of a trick for one to reach out into his choor pocket without making the croud around one look at you, that he got stitched on his pants amazing. What a great invention the pocket was. A simple recess, an unassuming space that allowed one to keep all that he valued in it, as close as possible to himself, while he carried it.

Sometime when I was thirteen I saw a lot of people wearing these new pants they called “cargos”. I called them 6 pockets. 6 pockets meant more storage to me. I had to have them. My mom thought I was getting carried away with the latest trends and that’s a serious no no for an Iyer boy in his teens. What’s good and what’s allowed for an iyer boy would be discussed in another post. But, I loved the idea that I could store more in my pockets and finally dump it in my cupboard and wait for that ultimate moment when I could use it to make “something”. Most of the times I had no idea what I wanted to make.

So what’s space and form got to do with pockets ? What was it about these pockets that I admired them ?  Was it the “style” factor that came with these cargos impress me or was it the fact that I could use it matter ?

My understanding of form may not be that accurate but, I am constantly trying to understand it better for I believe design is manipulating space thus giving it a certain form. A glass, a mug or a bucket are very similar in form. The space that the form creates in each of these individual objects is what makes it “usable”. Space as much as we cant understand it, comprehend it nor can we point at something and call it space, allows the form to mould it and make the space usable.

Coming back to the pocket(s).Looking back, It was a simple form. A form that dint stand out. Well, it did in the 6 pocket pants but otherwise the original idea of a form that attached itself to my pants, unassuming, close to me, that created a space, allowing me to store something at any given time was something I really appreciated. I still do.


5 Responses to Form, Space and Pockets!

  1. gunjan says:

    ‘Dont put your hands in your pcokets’.. brings back to me a lot of memories.. from school..:)
    I loved pockets as a kid.. in my frocks.. something similar to you.. ’cause i have always been a junk collector and i loved munching the pocket was a mandatory request whenever mom was stitching me a new dress. Perhaps i liked the idea of mom stitching me a dress coz then i could demand for as many pockets in my frock and she would do them in style.. with frills, buttons and laces..:) a tad different than your neatly tucked in one~

  2. dinudey says:

    I am not a collector of random stuffs but whatever I have has rubbed in through my dad. He collects anything, he has two room full of random stuff (at least to me they are random), but when I ask my dad he will end up telling me one use or the other.
    Right now I collect more of virtual stuff than physical. I surf more of internet than I walk, I have collected what not in hope that I will use it someday for something and filled my hard disk.

    • notnarayanshankar says:

      Great thought Dinudey, Interesting how pockets in pants and the rise in the number of pockets can be equated with increase in disk space.

      • nithin bg says:

        Well Shanky 🙂 awesome article which took me to my childhood days where i used to collect stuff for doing Art from Waste in school and display it :).

        “where all my schoolmates used to use their house hold stuff cos their parents but i used to pick from the streets and make an art out of it n feel proud :)”

        wish i still had tht passion of making an art out of a waste .

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments Nithin. 🙂 Do keep checking this space for more.

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