My first day at NID will remain one of those days I can never forget. The first time I visited the campus was when I was in the 4th standard and knew instantly that this is the place I wanted to be in. I never tried reasoning this and have still not been able to. One the first day, the one common question I found people asking each other was the reason for joining NID. Some of the answers were so full of jargons (which I now learnt were jargons) that  I had no particular reason. It would be a great blunder if I were to state that I choose to join NID. It may sound a little chiched but NID (and thus design) choose me.

While asking some of the people what they were here for, one of the answers that struck me was this- “I am here for the name tag”. I never quite understood this. Did that mean ” I know I am bad, my work presently proves that, but once I get out of NID all this bad work will be certified as good.”

Has NID opened a franchise ?


8 Responses to At NID

  1. manoj says:

    I dont completely agree with the last sentence. Design is such a field where the work makes us transparent , our thoughts and effort.

    I believe we cant cheat design , escape from designers and most importantly Users.

    Design is something which is evolving, so there is no question of going eventually bad design has to be good one day.

  2. gunjan says:

    I know a few people too who came for the name tag… its like another degree for them…
    and probably thats the reason when they go out and design the passion doesn’t show..
    It is very alarming that such people do get selected even after going through that rigorous process of tests and interviews..
    The basic aim should be to be able to instil the passion, love and understanding for good design and practice of it, even if the person in the beginning is a moron running afer tags..

  3. does tht matter ? says:

    u r posting question to wrong people n wrong place …
    It meant to be listened by few other ppl ,,, n they care shit abt it …
    So learn wot ever u can till the time u r there .

  4. Pavan Garre says:

    That’s quite cynical of you to put “I am here for the name tag” as, “I know I am bad, my work presently proves that, but once I get out of NID all this bad work will be certified as good.” . Here, try looking at it, as this “I am here for the name tag” , as “I know I am good, my work presently proves that, but once I get out of NID, at least I get respect/money/fame/attention/everything, I deserve” . Why the heck are we playing guessing game ? Go ahead, and ask what they exactly mean, whoever has said “I am here for the name tag”. since, when NID or any certified people are entertained more? and where? I bet its not real world, it’s some fictitious imaginary world you have created yourself in your mind. Your words, actions, thoughts, works speak for you, nothing else.

  5. Design is one which comes from ones heart.Its a creativity which comes itself from inside. So its not good to participate in it just for having name. Its comes from ones thought and ability.

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  7. India has the capacity to hire 7000 designers per annum; and we are producing only about 2000. So, the scope for designers to be gainfully employed is huge. Formal employment opportunities for designers have only opened up in the last decade or so. That too in a few sectors of the industry. What we need to keep in mind is that design is a way to seek and address opportunities that may or may not be visible to others. In this game, only those who have the ability and are serious, passionate and driven can succeed. So, tag or no tag, the bottom line is the same

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