Books, not Dolls

While standing at the billing counter, I happened to over hear a conversation that happened between a Mami ( as the iyer women are affectionately called) and her young daughter. The girl wanted a doll. Young girls play with dolls, but the Mami had other plans for her daughter. She quickly asked the girl to look for her dad who was busy deciding whether an original James Bond dvd was worth it or not  secretly I think, most thyar chadam (curd rice) eating,1 to 30 tables crunching iyer men want to be like James Bond. But that’s not a respectable job in the “Family”. How can an iyer boy do a job that he cant tell anyone about. After all getting that job is the iyer boys greatest achievement.

Coming back to the Mami, as I saw the young girl run to her dad, our Mami brought out these two extremely interesting books, books that are a must for a young girl of 5, books that must be locked in a shelf forever. Even if the world ends and a new breed originates, these books must never be found. The title of these books read, “Math  Puzzles”.


One Response to Books, not Dolls

  1. gunjan says:

    ha ha ha ha!!! Iyer chronicles!!:) you are scarred man!!

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