The friendly neighbourhood Indian Auto Wala. Truly they are the parthasarthys on Indian roads, taking one to any destination on request, making those turns which seem impossible, and occasionally giving us a little “Gyan” (for free)i.e if you are an “Arjuna”, here and there.

(PāŗthaSāŗthi (पार्थसार्थी), is another name for Lord Krishna. It means The Charioteer (or Guide) of Pāŗtha.)


The Last Supper !

Cheer Up !

Is this Duality ?

I was struggling with a project I had taken up I took it up because I had no idea what it would be, how it would be and what “skill set” I must have in order to even do this project. A risk I believe that keeps me going.

This post has two separate sets of stories so in the (likely)  event you do find yourself in a sort of confusion, you would understand what I went through.

I took this project up. Got excited. Did some primary research and hit a road block. I felt miserable,uncreative and started questioning why this is happening to me. I got so anxious about not being able to go ahead that I started finding faults in my surroundings. So much so that getting out of class and sitting anywhere else seemed to work for a while. I was trying to understand

1. How does a driver interact with the instrument cluster in his car ?

2.How does one manage fuel efficiency ?

This misery continued for a while until-

Last week, while trying to write a post I realized that I was giving my “soon to be essay” a title first, create certain constrains that my past knowledge about that subject would cater to and write about it. Somehow I suddenly thought that by giving it a title first and then working, I was limiting my thoughts only to that which I had experienced. This would result in a narration that may be a personal experience and because of which I would be unable to get or understand another mans view point. Somehow this argument seemed quiet logical.

Today, while struggling to find an opportunity  to implement my designs, I realized that by giving what I had intended to produce it a jazzy ( Deziner like ) name, I could spin a lot of Ideas.Analogically ( not the best one) A couple do decide to have a “Baby”. They have a certain form in mind. Its not like we  will have sex and see what comes out ?

Suddenly out of the blue, A topic sprang out –

Alternatives to Fuel management and status reporting. Now, tell me if that does suggest a certain idea in which I would have worked. Surprisingly to me this statement was (is) the culmination off all the effort I put while researching cars, their users and finally their behavior.  This topic has a certain gravity. Immediately I started visualizing this paper written containing a report of what I found.

So, I find it difficult to ask which method is the better one ? The first one where thinking of a head line, topic or title rather deciding the name of the book before the content comes in or the second one where the content comes first ?

The content serves the functional part of it. Majorly. The title give certain form to this content. Almost giving the picture of what the reader should expect in this book. It is what catches the eye. Its existence is to catch your eye. Its more form less function.

Or wait, maybe it’s the function of ornamentation. Does ornamentation actually serve a function ? Is there this gap between form and function which we have no idea about ? Yet! For now I want to call it  Meta FF . FF for form and function and meta in Greek which means beyond. So what is this FF Meta ?There I have called it something. Iv given it a certain form. Lets fill the content and find out if Meta FF really exists. FF Meta is a world where form and function are two characters and they fight for superiority.

What exactly happened ? I realized, there is not one right thing. There is no one right way of doing something. Somewhere in that sense of singularity, I found Duality.

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