How Software has Become more Human!


7 Responses to How Software has Become more Human!

  1. mouli says:

    Ya thats true and thats how the system works.
    We always have a third party (application/person) to blame and wipe our hands.

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  3. rahul says:

    good …i like it

  4. vikram says:

    maga u r going somewhere.. keep it coming..

  5. Sajan says:

    It’s true to an extent. We can find abstraction happening at every phase. Be it data points in a website or operational networks. We use the devices without knowing what is happening on the inside. I believe that our body also behaves in a similar manner. We wink, without knowing the number of muscles which are activated involuntarily.

    The application of the very concepts makes a device human. However, the introduction of a third party which does not commit the right actions ( which is again relativistic) does bring about a new debate about its use!!

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