Tatha and I ( Webcomic)

Tatha and I, as I plan to keep it, is a complete story said using webcomics. The first Episode will be launched on Monday16th August.

I am still in the process of fixing how I want you to see the comic.

Do keep checking this space for more.

Prologue to Tatha and I

If it was about asking questions, no one could stop Kartik. “Why must I say that I am coming back when I am actually going ?” Sidharth, and his inquisitiveness. Curiosity had till date only killed kittens. Somehow he knew he could question everything. Challenge anything. Maybe this old man with whom he was having this conversation was responsible for the cat in Kartik. Whether it was correct to ask or not was a value system too relative to discuss, atleast thats what ‘He’ felt.

tatha — Grandpa in Tamil


2 Responses to Tatha and I ( Webcomic)

  1. J J says:

    Genuinely loved this one. Moreover this one has a heart to show, and that heart is in the right place. It is crisp and entertaining. Of all the strips I have seen, I find this best till yet 🙂

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