Shankar Narayan is a graduate in Computer Science and Engg. and is currently studying User experience Design at NID. He loves to design products ranging from comfortable toilet seats to computer mice. He believes that User experience is the key differentiator when if comes to the success of a product. He enjoys telling stories, making cartoons and comic strips and believes in its potential as a medium to communicate ideas.

He can been seen debating with fellow classmates over endless cups of Chai.

If you believe he can help you out contact him at

cell no: +91-9620047240

twitter : @notnarayan

facebook : www.facebook.com/notnarayanshankar

email: notnarayanshankar@gmail.com

You can download his Resume here.


5 Responses to About

  1. Ram says:

    I expect to see a kick ass total gilma write up here soon 😀 !

  2. Ram says:

    Who’s Kartik? Alter ego?

  3. notnarayanshankar says:

    Kartik is what Im called at home. you can call it my alter ego.

  4. et says:

    Hey good start with the new webcomic! 🙂
    Are you somehow from Kerala?

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