Episode II : Possessions

So, there ! the next episode is up at http://shankarnarayan.in/episode2.html

While making this set, I realized some of the habits I have while writing a story. I need to work on them.


So, why do you call yourself Notnarayan ?

Not narayan ? is that even a name Notnarayan ! who calls himself that ? I have heard this a couple of times and so decided its time to draw it. So, here it is. Click the image below

Episode 1 : The Man I knew

Ah! I have finally launched the first Episode of Tatha and I. It is more or less an introductory episode which sets the tempo for how this story is going to unfold. Do check it out by clicking the image below.

Also I have launched my own website (link). I had registered the domain sometime last year but never found the time to design it. Well, I was lazy 🙂 At shankarnarayan.in I plan to post a new episode of tatha and I every monday and a random comic sometime during the week. Lets see how that goes. I would love to hear from you !

Mac users!

The tweet that inspired this comic — @notnarayan A mac comic would be 1 panel. Man taking non-working Mac to doctor. Saying “Something’s wrong with me. My mac doesn’t start up”via (@thecomicproject)

How Software has Become more Human!

Why I like Comics !

As a kid I remember reading the  Amar Chitra Kathas and the Cacha Chaudharys. Somehow I was not  captivated by them then. My obsession with comics as a medium of expressing my ideas happened recently, when I realized I could tell a story fairly well.

I love stories. I love listening them and making them. Ask my mom and she would tell  that she stopped believing me early in life cause it became difficult for her to recognize what was the truth and what a figment of my imagination.

So, this is what I have decided. No more long, lengthy, texty posts! Instead of describing what I see when I write, I am just gona sketch it and put it up here. Maybe write a little around it ! ting!  <smiles– and that’s the sound of the light reflecting of my white shiny teeth.>

Its getting cold here!

well you will need a Blanket once you enter the conference hall.